Why "Zero-Calorie" Doesn't Mean "Healthy"

Why "Zero-Calorie" Doesn't Mean "Healthy"

Zero calories does not mean "healthy." In fact, it never has. So let's quit confusing that with misleading labels. It's not helping. Anyone.

But in spite of the World Health Organization's latest news encouraging people to simply reduce sugar, there is hope beyond existing sweetener alternatives (where research is mounting against them for their ability to disrupt our microbiomes , trigger rises in blood sugar, or potentially cause cardiovascular events) for our sweet tooth.


They're called "sweet proteins."


Yes, we're replacing carbohydrates with a protein. It's an entirely new concept. Exciting? For sure! Important? Absolutely, not just for our health but also our planet


Meet Oobli. We've been hard at work creating truly game-changing sweet protein-powered products like our brand new sweet iced teas without stevia, sugar alcohols or any other artificial or alternative sweeteners.


Sweet proteins have no effect on blood sugar or insulin, and they don't get into places they shouldn't like the gut microbiome.


Sweet proteins are teeny tiny but deliver BIG sweetness. Thousands of times sweeter than sugar, we only need a very small amount to sweeten an entire 16oz can of our sweet iced teas. Sweet proteins are exactly that: protein! And because we are extremely efficient at digesting proteins (one of the core building blocks of our bodies), sweet proteins don't get into our gut microbiome or have any effect on blood sugar or insulin. 

I do generally agree with the World Health Organization's point of view that "less is more." In fact, moderation is almost always a winning strategy when it comes to food. And a focus on more whole foods — like a wide variety of fruits and vegetables — is not something to argue with. The weight of evidence is very clear on both of these points.

But we also know habits (and loves!) are hard to break. And we know consumers are trying really hard to make the smart, healthy decisions! So please don't give up complete hope if things seem confusing or challenging.


Just remember: proteins can do more, and we should be asking them to do more, starting with sweet proteins! Yes, sweet tooth meet sweet proteins. Proteins aren't just for energy any more.

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