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It’s time for a change.

Sugar is recklessly abundant in our food system, fueling a growing global health pandemic. Right now, 2 out of every 5 Americans struggle with obesity, and more than 140 million have type-2 diabetes or prediabetes. On average, Americans consume a whopping 17 teaspoons of sugar per day. That kind of demand has also resulted in over-farming sugar cane, landing it on the top 10 worst global crops.

We produce sweet proteins to rehabilitate foods.

At Oobli, we’re not just about creating delicious, guilt-free sweet foods. We’re on a mission to completely revolutionize the way we think about sweetness. We believe in a world where enjoying sweetness doesn’t come at the expense of our health or our planet. That’s why we’re creating healthy, no-compromise sweet foods from novel sweet plant proteins, a groundbreaking new way to deliver the sweetness we all deserve.

Unmistakably Oobli.

We’re a team of scientists, parents, and endlessly curious dreamers who believe that everyone deserves a little sweetness in their lives. Our goal is to do what so many others have tried: reclaim sweetness for us all!

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