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Groundbreaking protein-sweetened treats as good for your body as they are for the planet. Now rehabilitating lemonade, sweet iced and chocolate. Move over sugar, meet sweet protein!

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Meet Oobli

Sweetened with game-changing sweet proteins and no alternative sweeteners, Oobli is a sweet revolution.

Peachy Plz
$15.00 (Pack of 6)
Arnie P.
$15.00 (Pack of 6)
Mango Yo
$15.00 (Pack of 6)
Holy Lemon
$15.00 (Pack of 6)

“Oobli changes the game with sweet proteins. This is the future of healthy sweet foods.”

Arik Armstead

Jacksonville Jaquars

The Future of Sweet Is Protein

We’re pro protein. In fact, sweet plant proteins are the transformative solution to rehabilitating our food system with good-for-you sweet foods.

Introducing Oobli sweet proteins — up to 5,000 times sweeter than sugar, this tiny dietary protein is a sweet superhero. It tastes just like sugar without any impact to blood sugar, insulin or the gut microbiome. 

The future of Sweet

Designed for Performance and Whole Body Health

Sugar is recklessly abundant in our modern diet, linked to a host of health issues like obesity, type-2 diabetes and more. But sugar and even sugar alternatives like aspartame, Splenda and Stevia can impact your athletic performance, fitness and overall energy levels on a daily basis.

Sweet proteins never affect the gut microbiome or blood sugar, and that means you get your very best out of your workout, sport or gym session. Keeping the bad stuff out of your gut means everything.

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Why we’re not
zero sugar

We believe everyone deserves a little sweetness in their life. But zero sugar often comes with a cost of hidden ingredients like artificial fruit flavorings and sweeteners.

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We’re chocoholics!

Low-sugar, high-fiber, decadent new milk and dark chocolate with sweetness from Oobli sweet proteins? Yes please! This is chocolate like never before.

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