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Introducing the world’s first protein-sweetened lemonade. With less than 8-9g of sugar from only real fruit and agave, this is lemonade like never before. Kid and parent-approved!

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Meet the World’s First Protein-Sweetened Lemonade

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We’re finally getting sweets right.

We’ve made an incredible discovery: protein can taste sweet! And we can use a tiny amount of these sweet proteins to sweeten Oobli iced teas. The result? The world’s very first tea with sweetened with protein and ZERO sugar alternatives.

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Love ‘n

Str-aah Berry

What sweet
proteins get right

No Glycemic Effect

Sweet proteins never raise blood sugar or insulin.

Gut Happiness

Sweet proteins never even reach the gut microbiome!

It’s Just Protein!

Our bodies love proteins. We digest them efficiently.

No Tummy Troubles

Proteins never ever cause digestive upset.

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Available in 4 flavors

Iced Tea

Available in 4 flavors