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“This is the unlock I’ve been waiting for. Until Oobli, I’d been frustrated with other sugar alternatives on the market. Oobli completely changes the game with sweet proteins.”

NFL’s Arik Armstead
San Francisco 49er, Humanitarian and Dad

Sweet without Compromise

Sweetened with gut-friendly, groundbreaking hyper-sweet proteins plus real fruit and a dash of agave, Oobli teas have only 7g of sugar per 16oz can. And that makes all the difference. Take a break from your boring, flavored sparkling water with real, healthy sweet tea.

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What Are Sweet Proteins?

Sweet proteins are the game-changing sugar replacement we’ve been waiting for. Derived from rare fruits that evolved as proteins (not carbs/sugar), sweet proteins taste sweet like sugar but are metabolized like any other dietary protein.

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Designed for Performance and Whole Body Health

Sugar is recklessly abundant in our modern diet, linked to a host of health issues like obesity, type-2 diabetes and more. But sugar and even sugar alternatives like aspartame, Splenda and Stevia can impact your athletic performance, fitness and overall energy levels on a daily basis.

Sweet proteins never affect the gut microbiome or blood sugar, and that means you get your very best out of your workout, sport or gym session. Keeping the bad stuff out of your gut means everything.

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The future of Sweet

Banish Blood Sugar Spikes

Oobli sweet iced teas result in an average 64% reduction of post-meal blood sugar on average compared to Snapple.

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