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Made with game-changing sweet proteins that cut the sugar without losing the chocolate taste you love. Better for you and the planet.

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Protein can do more than just build muscle. Say hello to sweet proteins

Sweet proteins are exactly that: sweet-tasting proteins! They taste just like sugar but digest like a protein. All pro, no con!

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Sweetened with protein. It’s good for you and the planet.

People are loving healthy sweetness

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Hello, sweet proteins

Oobli sweet proteins deliver the sweetness you love without the downsides. All pro. No con.

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What are sweet proteins?

Made from plants

They’re derived from the fruit of a handful of plants that taste sweet like sugar but digest like protein.

Sweet, but not sugar

That means you don’t get any
of the bad sugar and sugar-
alternative side effects: no rise
in blood sugar, insulin or
changes to the gut

70% less sugar,
100% delicious