Introducing the Brand New Oobli Milk and Dark Chocolates

Introducing the Brand New Oobli Milk and Dark Chocolates

Ready for a complete revolution in chocolate? Introducing the brand new, game-changing Oobli Milk and Dark Chocolates.


This is chocolate completely changed.


In short, you asked and we listened — we’ve completely reformulated our sweet-protein powered dark chocolates in 4 new flavors with just 1g of sugar per serving, NO alternative sweeteners and game-changing taste. We dare you to try and tell that these dark chocolate bars are low sugar. 




And (this is big), we've officially launched our first ever Oobli Milk Chocolates. These are the world's first milk chocolates with only 1g of added sugar without the use of any sugar alternatives. Oobli sweet proteins power the amazing sweetness of our milk chocolates, also available in 4 flavors.



On top of using Oobli sweet proteins to deliver delicious, sugar-like sweetness while keeping blood sugar and insulin at bay (and keeping the bad stuff out of your gut), Oobli chocolates are also high in fiber (8-10g per serving!) with nothing but simple, clean ingredients.


Try them for yourself. Shop all chocolates now, and be sure to leave a review and let us know how much you love Oobli!

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