Best Low Sugar Drinks

What to Look for in the Best Low Sugar Drinks

In a world where sugar-filled beverages dominate store shelves and restaurant menus, finding refreshing and satisfying drinks with minimal sugar content can feel like an uphill battle. Luckily, there are low-sugar alternatives that can quench your thirst without compromising your wellness goals. 


In this article, we’re here to talk about the best drinks with low sugar, where flavor and guilt-free indulgence converge. It may surprise you to learn that not all low sugar drinks are healthy, and in fact, some can even be harmful. But don’t worry, we’ve included everything you need to know about the safest and best drinks with low sugar in this guide. 


Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and explore the best low sugar drinks that deserve a spot in your refrigerator and on your next dining experience. It's time to sip your way to a healthier and happier you! 


Why You Need the Best Low Sugar Drinks in Your Life

It's important to recognize the value of incorporating the best drinks with low sugar into your lifestyle, especially when sugar seems, at times, to be unavoidable. These beverages offer a winning combination of delightful flavors and guilt-free indulgence, ensuring that you can enjoy a refreshing drink without compromising your health. 


The Sweet Dilemma: Why Too Much Sugar is a Problem

Excessive sugar consumption has become a significant health concern in today's society. From sodas and fruit juices to energy drinks and flavored coffees, many popular beverage choices are loaded with hidden sugars. 


Regularly consuming high-sugar drinks can lead to weight gain, increased risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and negative impacts on your dental health.


That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Spoil Yourself With Something Tasty and Refreshing, Though!

By opting for low sugar drinks, you can significantly reduce your sugar intake without sacrificing taste. These beverages are carefully crafted to provide satisfying flavors while keeping the sugar content to a minimum. This means you can quench your thirst and indulge in a delightful refreshment without worrying about the negative effects of too much sugar.


Not All Low Sugar Drinks are Created Equal, Though - the Problem with Artificial Sweeteners

While low sugar drinks offer a promising solution to reducing sugar intake, it's important to recognize that not all options on the market are good for you. Many low sugar beverages rely on artificial sweeteners to provide a sugary taste without the actual sugar content. 


However, these sweeteners come with their own set of concerns and drawbacks. Let's delve into the problem with artificial sweeteners and why they may not be the ideal choice for your low sugar drink.


Why Stevia, Aspartame, and Sucralose are So Problematic

Artificial sweeteners such as stevia vs sucralose vs aspartame have gained popularity as sugar substitutes due to their intense sweetness without the added calories. However, there are concerns surrounding their use in low sugar drinks.


Stevia, a natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant, is considered safe in moderate amounts. However, some individuals may find its distinct aftertaste unappealing, and it was banned by the FDA for a period of time over serious health concerns. 


Aspartame, another commonly used sweetener, has faced criticism due to potential health risks associated with its consumption, including headaches and allergic reactions. It’s even been linked with certain types of cancer. 


Sucralose is unfortunately quite high in chlorine, which could affect metabolic processes and gut health. It also kills important probiotics, and could even be linked with IBS and Crohn’s disease. The scariest part? Sucralose might even generate carcinogenic, toxic compounds when it’s heated.


Some people have an intolerance to artificial sweeteners, causing a range of health issues. You can learn more about intolerance to artificial sweeteners symptoms to see if you might be silently suffering from these additives. 


Taste Leaves a Lot to Be Desired, Too…

Aside from the potential health concerns, artificial sweeteners can also fall short when it comes to taste. Many people find that these substitutes have a distinct or artificial aftertaste, which may not provide the same satisfaction as natural sugars. The taste discrepancy can make it challenging to find low sugar drinks that deliver a genuinely enjoyable and authentic flavor experience.


Some people describe the stevia taste as slightly herbal or licorice-like, with an unpleasant, lingering aftertaste that many find bitter or metallic. Aspartame isn’t winning any taste awards either, with some people describing this artificial sweetener as having a bitter aftertaste. What about sucralose? Well, it has a more sugary taste than the other two, but some people detect a strong, chemical-flavored aftertaste.


So, What Should You Look For in the Best Drinks With Low Sugar?

It doesn’t seem like the best low sugar drinks are those with artificial sweeteners, given their potentially harmful health effects and unpleasant taste. So, what should you look for instead in the best drinks with low sugar? 


Natural Sweeteners: A Better Alternative?

Many people searching for the best low sugar drinks without aspartame or other artificial sweeteners come across beverages containing natural sweeteners like honey or agave syrup. While these don’t pose a health risk, they do contain high levels of sugar, so you’re pretty much back to where you started. 


Other Ingredients to Look For/Avoid

Unfortunately, lots of sodas and commercial fruit juice drinks are packed full of ingredients we don’t need, and it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad. So, what other ingredients should you avoid when searching for the best drinks with low sugar? Steer clear from: 


  • Bisphenol A (BPA) - This can mess with your hormones and has been linked to obesity
  • 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) - This is responsible for the color of most brown sodas, and may be carcinogenic
  • Phosphoric acid - Found in sodas, this has been linked to decreased bone density and increased risk of cardiac issues


Instead, try to look for: 

  • Real fruit, juice, or puree - Natural is best! Try to find beverages flavored with natural fruit extracts rather than artificial chemicals
  • Vitamins - If you can find a delicious drink that also gives you a vitamin boost, that’s a bonus!
  • Probiotics - Gut health is important, so find drinks that support your digestive system


The best low sugar drinks shouldn’t contain anything that could cause you harm, and shouldn’t have a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Who wants to put that stuff in their body?!


Of Course, They Have to Taste Good, Too!

The ingredients aren’t the only thing you have to think about in your quest for the best drinks with low sugar. You need to find something that doesn’t sacrifice taste! Most of the best low sugar drinks without aspartame or other artificial sweeteners help you avoid that nasty aftertaste, so it’s just a matter of finding something that suits your personal tastebuds. 


Introducing the Best Low Sugar Drinks at Oobli!

Here at Oobli, we’re excited to introduce you to something a little bit different in the world of low sugar drinks. Our low sugar sweet iced tea is made using sweet proteins (more on those soon!) which deliver a sweet punch without a weird aftertaste and without the calories of sugar. 


We’ve got several quenching, fruity, delicious flavors for you to try, each craft-brewed with clean ingredients. Our customers think we’ve got the best low sugar iced tea around. It’s naturally so good, you won’t even miss the sugar! 


Oobli's Commitment: All-Natural, Delicious, Low-Sugar Drinks

At Oobli, our main concern is creating tasty beverages that won’t harm you or the planet. We wanted to create the best low sugar drinks so that you can enjoy some guilt-free thirst-quenching goodness. 


We also wanted to make sure they taste amazing because we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between your taste buds or your health. Thanks to the incredible, natural power of sweet proteins, we can now offer you the best low sugar nutritional drinks on the market!


The Power of Sweet Proteins in Oobli’s Drinks: Only 7g of Sugar per 16 oz Can, Yet a Whole Lot of Sweetness

By now, you’re probably curious about sweet proteins. What are they, and how are sweet proteins made? Basically, sweet proteins are unique compounds that are found in many exotic fruits, including the West African Oubli fruit. One of the benefits of sweet proteins is that they’re incredibly sweet, in fact, some sweet proteins are up to 5,000 times sweeter than sugar itself! 


Despite this insane sweetness, using sweet proteins as a sugar substitute has no impact on your blood sugar, and doesn’t contain any calories! Plus, rather than the health concerns that come with artificial sweeteners, sweet proteins actually bring health benefits. They have anti-oxidant, anti-allergy, and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Taste the Oobli Difference: Explore the Best Low Sugar Iced Tea Drinks Today!

Ok, so it seems like sweet proteins definitely have an advantage in terms of your health, providing natural sweetness, and not containing calories, but how do they taste? Well, you only have to try our best low sugar iced tea to find out! 


Because sweet proteins are so potent, only a tiny amount is needed. This means they provide sweetness to our teas, without any weird flavors or aftertastes. All you can taste is the natural fruity goodness of each refreshing tea (made with real fruit puree!). 


Still not convinced? Get some Oobli tea for yourself! Taste our quenching lemon sweet iced tea, our guilt-free peach sweet iced tea, or our blissful mango yuzu green sweet iced tea. Can’t choose? Don’t worry - we made variety packs so you don’t have to pick your favorite… yet!


Final Thoughts on the Best Drinks With Low Sugar

The best low sugar nutritional drinks might not be what you were expecting. After all, who knew that sweet proteins could be so powerfully sweet without any of the unwanted health issues or weird aftertaste? 


At Oobli, we’re so excited to be harnessing the power of nature’s superheroes - sweet proteins. Once you try our game-changing sweet iced teas, you’ll never go back to artificial sweeteners or full-sugar drinks again. The best part? You don’t need to choose between your health and your taste buds! 


Enter the revolutionary world of sweet proteins and taste the difference for yourself. Try our trailblazing iced teas today! 

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