This is a
sweet protein.

let’s be clear...

this fruit
produces a tiny
little protein that
tastes sweet.

This tiny amount
of plant-based
protein is

up to 5,000 times
sweeter than

Sweet proteins are
the revolution

we’ve been
waiting for to
make better
sweet foods.

In fact, a teeny pinch

sweetens most of this can of tea!



Our bodies love proteins. In fact, proteins make up 42% of our dry bodyweight and our cells are packed with proteins. We metabolize and digest proteins efficiently, never affecting blood sugar or disrupting our gut microbiomes.

This tiny amount of sweet protein (<1g) isn’t enough to build crazy muscle, but it’s more than enough to give you the healthy sweetness you deserve.

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Protein isn’t just for building muscle. Protein can also taste sweet like sugar.

A handful of known proteins taste sweet. We can use these sweet proteins as a groundbreaking new way to create better, healthier sweet foods. Functional sweetness from protein is a sweet revolution.

Sweet Proteins


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