Top 5 Reasons Why
Your Energy

And why Oobli is the #1 alternative


Most are loaded with added sugar

Glucose syrup, sucrose, maltodextrin...these are all just different names for (you guessed it), sugar! The 3 most popular energy drinks have added sugar amounts between 27 and 63 grams of added sugar. The latter equates to a whopping 15 teaspoons of sugar, equal to the amount most Americans consume in an entire day

Sweet proteins reduce 75% of sugar in Oobli teas, and they never trigger rises in blood sugar, insulin or affect the gut.


Sugar-free options are just as bad

Sugar-free doesn’t always mean healthy. The most popular sugar-free energy drinks contain aspartame or sucralose (Splenda), which have been linked to rises in blood sugar similar to sugar, genotoxicity, gut microbiome disruption, and even cancer. Yikes.

Oobli sweet teas never contain any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and the majority of sweetness comes from protein!


They usually give you the jitters

While we all need the occasional afternoon boost, the type of caffeine you consume matters. For example, caffeine from real brewed black or green tea is released more slowly in the bloodstream in smaller amounts, versus the generic caffeine added to many popular energy drinks in levels up to 160mg. This much caffeine all at once can give you the anxious jitters and cause the all-familiar caffeine crash, and can lead to heightened anxiety and insomnia.

Oobli sweet teas contain real brewed black and green tea for slow-absorbed natural caffeine that doesn’t give you the jitters.


They contain unnecessary vitamins

Many energy drink companies just love to pump you full of high levels of B vitamins. In fact, many contain up to 8,000% of specific vitamins like B12. Problem is, there’s no research to support these added B vitamins increasing energy. And to make matters worse, most B vitamins added to energy drinks are suboptimal forms that do more harm in your body than good.

Oobli ingredients are always clean and are never fortified with anything whatsoever.


They leave you more even more tired

Caffeine is healthy in smaller doses. But too much can be counter-intuitive. Blasting your body with high doses of caffeine will leave most people feeling jittery and wired, and when that feeling wears off, it’s crash time. It’s no surprise that most people hit the wall and feel even more tired just a couple hours after an energy drink than they did before they consumed it. It’s a vicious cycle.

Natural black and green tea in Oobli sweet teas doesn’t leave you with a post-drink crash.

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